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I am an international student , so the university I am applying for has released its application but not the common-app , so should i wait for common-app or not...(Note I am planning to apply for only two universities) .... Thanks...


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Why wait for the common app? Out of the nearly 5000 colleges in the US, less than 20% use the common app so they most likely not going to add the school you are applying to unless there is some announcement or press release of adding that school to the common app like this. If your school is on this list of 42 new members, then I would wait, otherwise why wait?


I'm very curious why someone would only apply to 2 colleges? What is the reason for this? Is it financial or that you are only willing to go to those 2 colleges if you are accepted? Surely there are more than 2 schools that fit your needs, no?

Good luck


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