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Best Majors for Law School

Hey everybody, I am a sophomore in high school and I was wondering what you guys think the best majors would be for someone who wants to be a lawyer.

Thanks so much


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Do you know what type of lawyer you want to be yet? Or still figuring it out?

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2 years ago

For Law School admissions, what matters more than the exact major you choose is thorough interest in your studies, doing well academically, and developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. The "best" majors really depend on your interest!

For example, if you are interested in technology privacy & regulation law, majoring in math or computer science would be an amazing choice!

If you have a specific set of law schools in mind, you can go to their websites or google "University of X Law School - undergraduate majors" and see if the school has any suggestions. When I've done this, what I typically see is: "a broad college education is usually preferable to one that is narrowly specialized" and that schools typically encourage students from any undergraduate major to apply.

Common majors: philosophy, classics, economics, political science, history, english, engineering, government, mathematics, science, literature

^ note that this list actually spans a wide range of majors - so there clearly isn't one best path

Pick a major you're interested in, that you'll do well in, and that will prepare you to think critically. Law schools will look at your undergraduate GPA and LSAT/GRE scores (those are the standardized test you'll likely have to take for Law School) when it comes time for you to apply.

2 years ago

Anything is fine. Majors to avoid (from cousin in law school) are things like pre-law type stuff and English (by that he means to be careful with these)

Best ones he's seen:

1) Music Majors (can handle time commitment, workload, have humanities focus)

2) Political Science

3) Mathematics

As long as you keep a decent GPA and do good on LSAT, you should be ok.

2 years ago

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