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How much influence on what your likely hood on getting into a school does Rec.,SAT, and ACT have?

I am a junior in high school. I was looking through my admissions journey at a glance and noticed that a lot of the schools that I thought would not be reach or long reach schools are exactly that. I have a 4.0 GPA and have 5 AP courses that will be completed by the end of my senior year and I have done many extracurricular activities. I have not submitted any college recommendations into this website however and I was wondering if that is the reason why these schools are reach schools. Also due to this pandemic I have not gotten the chance to take the SATs or the ACTs. Is that also a reason why it is saying these schools are reach schools?

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@cp8392 years ago

Possibly, but some schools are simply reached for everyone so maybe giving examples would help. Also demographics can be a factor as well.

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Ok thank you

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2 years ago

Act and SAT can have a big impact, but some schools are reaches for everyone

2 years ago

If you take a pretty typical high tier public school like Nebraska Lincoln(UNL) the do factor in tests but if you are below average thats not the end especially if they are holistic.

Also comparable to UNL is Iowa but they use a formula to determine admittence based on GPA act and core classes.

and as CP said some schools are reaches no matter what like Georgia Tech UT Austin and Cal Berkeley will always be reaches


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