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Sending SAT

Should I send a 1430 SAT to Cornell? I worry that since my goals are more stem oriented that a 670M/760RW might not look the best.


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4 months ago

I think you answered your own question. If you were an English major or a Humanities Major, a flip-flopped composite score of 1430 might do the trick but if you are a STEM major, it' doesn't look too good to have a math score under 750.

Good luck

4 months ago

Hi there @srjw28,

According to our chancing engine, the SAT targets you want to reach per section are 710–790 for Math and 680-750 for EBRW. If you're aiming for STEM, you want to aim in the higher range for the math portion.

Even if you're going into humanities, you'd want to submit a higher score to ensure you're a competitive applicant.

If the rest of your application is academically sound, and you have strong extracurriculars and essays, you should be able to apply test-optional. Alternatively, you could retake the SAT with a higher score to increase your chances of acceptance.

I'd check your specific profile and stats against our chancing engine to get a better idea of what tweaks you can make to optimize your application.

Hope this helps!


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