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due to Covid i have less Extracurricular activity. Is it ok?

i was in my junior year of high school when Covid started and i had many plans for extracurricular activities but because of Covid everything just got ruined. But i still managed doing 1-2 activites.

i am going to apply to colleges next year (2022-2023) for the class of 2026. So, having less activites during covid is ok or not?

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a month ago

Yes. There is the option in most apps to tell how covid effected you. You could include how it has lowered extra curriculars. But since you still have time, try to learn new skills and better yourself as a person to also demonstrate that while covid has taken things away, you have made the best of the situation, showing you are resilient and resourceful. You have a year. Use it well.

a month ago

I believe you'll be okay. Due to COVID, many things were shut down or canceled. So you should be fine. If you have any questions concerning your chances, try emailing the admissions team for your school!


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