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How much does SAT score matter?

I had to give my first attempt of the SAT back in May, but it got cancelled due to the COVID pandemic. I got a 1250 in the August SAT (560 English/690 Math). I screwed up the reading section, got a 23/40 in it :( But my question is, if I am applying for Architecture in a university which accepts students in my SAT and ACT range and I have a 3.8 GPA with a really good resume, how much will it matter? I rated my chances in Syracuse Uni and Pratt Institute and got 70% and 82%..

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4 months ago

I spoke to my dad who graduated from Syracuse University School of Architecture and this is what he said.

First of all, you can't rely on the chancing engine for specialty schools like the Newhouse School of Communications and the School of Architecture.

They both have acceptance rates are about 15% not 44% for the rest of the school because they are both in the Top 5 in the country for their type of school. 10 years ago in 2011, the SOA acceptance rate was about 24%


but now it's much lower so his best guess is about 15%

I see you mentioned Pratt and they are a good school but their acceptance rate is about 3 times higher, they are not nearly as competitive as Syracuse.

The specific portfolio requirements are in this pdf link below


He recommends that you do not submit your 1250 because it's way below the typical admit range for SOA admits which is like 1350-1450.

He also suggests you consider these other 5 year programs:



Miami University

Virginia Tech

UT Austin


Penn State

Univ of Oregon

BAC Boston

Good luck

4 months ago

You're going into a math related field with a good math score so you should be just fine


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