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05/10/2020 at 08:06AM
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Are there any resources to study for SAT subject tests?

I am planning on taking a couple SAT subject tests (probably Math 2 and Biology E) to improve my chances at some schools. Are there any good resources/tools I can use to study for the subject tests? I looked on Khan Academy but I didn't see any subject test-specific practices. If anyone also just has any general tips for studying for these tests, that would be much appreciated.

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2 answers

05/10/2020 at 11:39PM

For my Math II SAT Subject Test, I used the Barron's and official collegeboard prepbooks to help me prepare.

Firstly, about two months before I took the Barron's Diagnostic test. I went through my mistakes, and relearned harder concepts through KhanAcademy or some other resource.

Approximately 5 weeks before test day, I took 4 Barron's tests and 2 collegeboard ones. The collegeboard tests were easier than the actual exam (for example I consistently got 800 on those two), while the Barron's were much harder (never got above 740) than the actual test.

Make sure to go through your mistakes and review weak points!!!!! I cannot emphasize this enough! This goes for any subject too.

Using this basic study plan, I was able to get 780 on SAT math level 2. Hope it helps!

05/10/2020 at 10:59AM

I'm also planning on taking a few subject tests (Math 2, chemistry, and maybe one other). The most I have been able to find are textbooks for subject tests. I haven't found a lot of online resources for subject tests but when I search on YouTube "how to get an 800 on ---- SAT subject test" a lot of videos showed up with studying tips and textbook reviews so you could try that. You could also try googling that and see if any blogs come up.


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