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How do I know what rating did my peer review on other people's essay get?

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@SOPHIAa month ago

click on the little arrow box thing next to your profile. That should bring up your 100 most recent Karma transactions. If they rate you a 5/5 you get 10 Karma points. If not I don't think you can see.

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a month ago

CV doesn't tell you explicitly that you were given a 5 or a 4 or a 3 by USER @BLahblahblah but if you go to your profile soon after you submit your review of an essay you can deduce what the rating might be if the CV note is "@A_RAO received a 5-star rating". It's pretty much guesswork.

Personally, I think it would be a great idea if you could see the rating and appeal the rating if you felt that the member gave you a low rating because they couldn't handle the constructive criticism or just retaliated defensively because you called them out on a ridiculous premise.

I remember reviewing some ridiculous essay about this student who conflated his whole existence to a baby spoon he carried around and ate all his meals with. I got a low rating because I thought his essay was utter drivel and no one wants to read about how he eats his pasta 1 noodle at a time because his eating utensil is a.) impractical b.) tiny and c.) can only accommodate 1 noodle on the spoon bed. What in tarnation does that have to do with putting your best foot forward and writing about some talent or experiences that were most memorable (as the original prompt asked).

a month ago

To be honest, I have no idea LOL.


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