3 years ago
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Physics class

Hello.. my daughter is a junior this year.. i was wanting some help regarding the physics class ...when is a good time to take physics. The class in junior year is AP Bio, AP Lit, Trig honors, spanish preAP 4, US History & few dc classes.

She will also have to take the SAT & ACT this year.

The classes she would be taking for senior year will be AP chem, AP Spanish, Calc( not sure if it will be AP or not yet) plus some dc classes.

She would like to go on a premed track. Can you please advice which year she can fit in physics as per her schedule. Thank you so much.

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3 years ago[edited]

What's a "DC" class? I'm unfamiliar with the acronym as many might be on here as well. And why do you think she needs to take Physics now if she is going to apply to Medical School in 5 years?

Some would say that Medical Schools these days are generally agnostic to asserting that a Pre-Med track is even required prior to applying. And statistically, humanties majors fare just as well or better in getting admitted to top medical schools as STEM majors.

If you look at Harvard's prerequisite requirements for coursework, there is nothing on the list that refers to having to complete any of these courses in High School but rather during one's tenure during undergraduate enrollment. It seems that if she took AP Psychology or AP Statistics that would serve her just as well as AP Physics.


As most of us on here are indeed HS students, having her schedule a meeting with her school's HS College Counselor might be more productive with regards to scheduling and curating an academic narrative for the types of schools she intends to apply to. And if she doesn't have a list yet, perhaps the counselor can help narrow down the schools that would be the best fit for her goals and wish list items.

Good luck to your daughter.

3 years ago

I think it's best for them to do it next year.

3 years ago

Is it a requirement for graduation? It is at my school, and I took it in my junior year along with AP Chem, AP Stats, AP Lang, and Precalc. However, if it is not required to graduate I would simply wait until college. It will need to be taken again in college unless she is planning on taking AP Physics but I would advise against that as her schedule already looks difficult.

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