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How to get SAT and GPA requirement for individual college in my list?

I selected few college based on my preference but cannot fine the SAT and GPA need for those colleges.

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4 months ago

Your best bet is to google search the Common Data Set for each of the schools you are applying to. Most schools have updated their CDS for the 2020 Fall admittance stats. Last year's stats will not be able for a month or two or longer.

So if you are applying to XYZ college, then Google search XYZ Common Data Set 2020-21 and you will get a few search results back with the link to the CDS. You are going to find the mid-SAT and mid-ACT scores on Section C of the CDS. Also, you will find the GPA information there.

Most likely they will just reveal GPAs in tranches like

3.91-4.00 - 40%

3.75-3.90 - 31%

3.50-3.74 - 16%

3.25-3.49 - 11%

less than 3.25 1%

So you are going to do some guesswork interpolation with that data.


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