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I'm preparing for the SAT through Khan Academy. My prep is going really well and I needed some more free resources which can help spike my score. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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a month ago

Khan academy is best. now do only one thing. download PDFs of previous years SAT and try to solve them. I can say with guarantee that you will score 1550+

a month ago


College Panda Series

- SAT Writing

- SAT Math, SAT Math Practice Tests

Erica Meltzer

-The Critical Reader- The Complete Guide to SAT Reading

Black Book Series

-SAT Prep Black Book

Dr. Chung

-Dr. Chungs SAT Math - 16 complete tests



Best SAT College Prep Course Ever - (Totally worth the money if you are at 1450 and need to get to in the 1500s) 5-day trial, risk-free.

There is no guarantee that any of these alone will get a 1550 score so take that other respondent's comments with a grain of salt. I did all these things and still didn't get a 1550 so I switched to the ACT where I did better and only submitted an ACT score.

You will know within a short time if you are improving or stuck in the mud like I was.

Good luck.

a month ago

If you're self studying, I recommend checking out some thrift stores, libraries, or book stores. Often times you can find SAT/ACT prep books or flash cards for free or much cheaper than bought new.


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