2 years ago
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I have 1250 on sat , and looking for colleges for doing computer science engg, what are my chances with scholarship

I have 3.3 grade in 10th and appearing for 12th standard, and an international student from India, looking for colleges that offer computer science and looking for a scholarship. I have a score of1250 at sat.

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@wallflower2 years ago

hey @shardul, I'd love to help but I don't understand your question. are you looking for your chances for a scholarship or school recommendations? If you could edit your question title to make it more clear that would be helpful. and then put all the extra info in the details section probably

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2 years ago

I'm also not sure I understand the question, but my brother just got accepted to the Rochester Institute of Technology with a similar SAT score and 3.6 GPA unweighted. He expects a decent amount of financial aid.


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