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Is talking about my family background cliche?

I was raised in a deaf household being hearing. Which makes me a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults).

Is it cliché to talk about how this makes me an entirely unique person or will it just be a cliché application and not make me standout?

What education level do I assume the people reading my applications are?

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I think it really depends on how you talk about it. You should talk about it in reference to how it helped you grow, how it changed you, how it inspired you to be the person you are or do the career you want to do. I would refrain from writing about it in a way that would try to get sympathy and instead make it a strength.

People reading your application will likely have Bachelor’s degrees and some may have Master’s. Don’t use unique terminology to a specific field always explain yourself but you will be speaking to an educated audience.

Hope that helps.

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I would say that if your background helped shaped who you are today then it is totally fine to talk about it. Just phrase it in a way that doesn’t seem desperate or needy.


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