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Will a 0 credit summer course show up on my transcript

I'm in 10th grade currently, and in 9th grade, I took Spanish 2 instead of Spanish 1. This was due to me completing a summer course that was supposed to be strictly just a pass or fail to take Spanish 2 during the 9th grade school year. It's on my full-year grade list, and I got a B+. However, it's not worth any credits, so it doesn't affect my GPA, however, I'm really worried about it going on my transcript. Will college worry about it?

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4 months ago

This would rely on how your school manages transcripts- you could request an in-progress report of your current official transcript to see if it shows up on there (usually, non-credit courses won't be on your transcript, but this is dependent on your school's individual rules.) If this doesn't work & you're still unsure, directly email your school counselor with your situation, and see what their standards are.


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