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I feel dumb

Im not the best test taker, nor studier and im nervous about the SAT. I'm aiming for at least a 1300 my junior year and 1390 senior year but I'm really lost in what to do. What are some recommendations you can give to me as someone who isn't great at test taking?

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I found Khan Academy to be a really helpful tool in prepping for the SAT. It's completely free, and I just practiced a little bit each day over a period of months until each individual section was at the highest meter (mastered.) If you take it one little bit at a time it is a lot more manageable to retain the information and do well on the test!

Another important factor regardless of preparation is nerves. I didn't do well my first time taking the SAT simply because of nerves, but after retaking it a few times I had better control of my nerves and knew what the setup was like and what to expect in the testing arena, and ended up with a 1510! Don't be afraid to take it many times, it was very helpful for me and might do the same for you too (although this might have been due to my circumstances- I was scoring much higher on practice tests than actual testing scenarios until I got a hold of my nerves.)

I hope this helped- let me know if you have any other questions :)

a month ago

Hi there @exinne,

There are a few ways you can study for the SAT in a way that can help you get around any fears you may have around test-taking.

To familiarize yourself with the test, you should take a lot of diagnostic tests to get used to the format and flow of the SAT. You can also simulate a testing environment by timing yourself properly, working at a desk, and not taking breaks longer than allotted.

As for the actual content, you should score your diagnostic tests and then really analyze them (by question type, the steps you took to solve them, etc.) to find what types of problems you're weaker in. By identifying and practicing these types of problems, you can study more efficiently.

For more guides on test-taking you can check out our blog posts on studying for the SAT:

This article is a good place to start:


And we have many more guides here:


Hope this helps!

a month ago

Hi there! Let me tell you something. I have high anxiety when it comes to knowledge or test in general. I tend to freak out and throw pitty parties. Most of the stress came from the stress of teachers. I was told I was too dumb to understand. From there it only got worse.

Many different ideas were suggested by my teachers. From therapist to pills. Nothing would really work. Till about 5th grade. In 5th grade, I started playing an instrument. In an instant, my whole mood and view changed. I started getting better grades and had better test scores. As I got older, I found art to be the "pill" that helped me move on with school.

So even now, still with anxiety, but much less, I still don't get perfect scores. I may not be a straight-A student or president of the Student Gov, but I found something that helped ease my stress and worry.

I'm not saying that art will surely help you, but try it out. In fact, try different things. If listening to music helps you, try that. All I can really say is explore. Find what you love most.

I hope this helps!


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