2 years ago
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would it be smart to major in accounting then possibly go to law school?

I am a little worried to major in accounting because math isn't my best subject, but I need to have nice job options right after college. I am also worried to major in accounting because my GPA could drop causing me to not get into a decent law school. Should I go for it or should I choose another undergraduate major? If I should change my undergraduate major what are some good ones that pay well but aren't centered around advanced math?


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2 years ago

If you want to be an attorney, then I really wouldn't worry about being an accountant. The 2 really have nothing to do with the other.

The most important thing you can do is get into a college that is a great fit for you where you can continue with your passions and thrive academically. Law requires a flexible, logical, creative mind so you want to get a great liberal arts education and take as many courses in humanities as possible. During your 3rd year, you'll be prepared for taking your LSATS and you'll do well if you have strong reading and problem-solving skills, not just raw math skills.

It's normal to hedge oneself in anticipation of failure but in this case, I would strongly advise not to take up a major in accounting unless you love numbers and math and think you actually want to be a CPA and work at a big accounting firm like Deloitte, PwC, Ernest & Young or KPMG.

Just like your previous question, I would aim higher not lower for the kind of schools you should apply to as well as your future profession and majors that lead to that end goal. There are no do-overs with undergrad college just like there are no do-overs for High School so keep your eyes on the prize and work toward getting what you need to be happy and successful.

Good luck.

a year ago[edited]

It would be better for you to choose something you like the most and develop your skills in that field. I don't think that accounting is actually the best field because there are many platforms like incorporation services singapore where you can find a ton of great specialists, so it's highly competitive.

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