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What universities should I aim for?

-I have a 3.9 GPA am going to have taken 4 AP 2 honors 2-3 duel enrollment and am aiming for at least a 1250 on the sat.

- I was on the dance team my 10th grade year, was asked to compete in the governors honors program competition( GHP) this year, will probably be in beta my senior year, have around 10 volunteer hours, and am going to get a job soon.

-I'm looking into the university of Vermont, Connecticut, Rutgers, and Maryland, what others should I look into?

-I'm probably going to major in accounting and might go to law school.


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@Emily012 I believe you can get a great college education at a multitude of schools but very few would allow you to continue with your dancing even if it becomes less significant to you.

I have a few friends who were on dance teams that had great GPAs and course rigor like you. The successfully matriculated into Barnard College (NYC), NYU Tisch (NYC), and Chapman University (CA). They are happy there because they can take dance classes and still get a serious degree in something.


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