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What is the UWC College Application Like

I am planning to the IBDp at a UWC, so can anyone guide me on what exactly the process is like and give me some tips on how to boost my application. I will be applying through the Indian national committee.


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a month ago

Hi there @Vedant,

While we don't have any specific resources on applying to UWC, I did some digging into the IB Diploma Program to find some answers that might help you.

First, the application is due on September 30th, so you'll want to start working as quickly as possible. Since you're applying through the Indian national committee, you should know that you cannot apply to a specific school, though you can give them your preferences. If you were to apply through the alternate route, UWC Global Selection Programme, you could apply to specific schools but you would forego financial aid.

While the application varies committee to committee, there are some typical components that you should expect, such as filling out a written application, participating in community service, completing an essay, and a interviewing multiple times. There are also non-traditional components that you might have to participate in, such as group activities, some sort of examination, and a weekend camp.

While this gives you an idea of what to expect for you application, you should check with your specific committee to learn more about the particular guidelines that you'll have to hit in order to have a successful application. And you can also check out the UWC website for the application guidelines, different programs you can apply to, and FAQs.

Hope this helps!

a month ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question. Could you please clarify what these acronyms mean? Additionally, you have requested a CollegeVine expert response for this post but the program you are looking for information on seems to be an international program -- international activities that are limited to specific countries may be out of the domain knowledge of our team. But anyways, please do clarify, and I will try my best to answer your question!

Hopefully someone else will also be able to assist you. Looking forward to hearing back.


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