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A little about me: I'm a 12 grader international student.

What activities could possibly strengthen my application that are possible to be done online? (Any advice would be helpful!)

Activities I've done during high school:

• Head of Property and Logistics Division (Theater/Drama)

• Secretary of Students Council (Student Government)

• Assistant Secretary of Students Council (Student Government)

• Secretary for (Many) School Events

• Mentor for Scouts (Scouts)

• Live in to other province of my country (Student Exchange)

Planning to take:

• Youth International Model United Nation

• Data Administrator for a Covid-19 Transparency Body (categorised as non-paid internship)

not sure (<- could anyone help me with this?)


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3 months ago

Possibly making a bunch of cards for patients who are affected by COVID-19. It shows you care and you also may be featured in a local newspaper if you put enough effort into it! And you could go from there by encouraging other students in your school to do so and maybe even start a program (big pointers for this).

3 months ago

An activity that include leadership skill role, you can open a club and be the president or other clubs if you are Latino, you can join to Latino leadership club etc, open a club like that but where u come from.


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