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What activities would be good for an art school?

I'm a junior who's looking to go to a school like MICA or VCU. I'm in NAHS (National Art Honor Society) and I'm thinking of joining the Junior Student Council. What extracurriculars would be good for my application? I'm not good with community service or stuff like Model UN/Model Congress but I like hands on fun art stuff.

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4 months ago

Hi there @AdAstraAbyssoque,

You can definitely develop your passion for art into a spike. I would recommend adding more activities into your portfolio around art aside from joining organizations. Some activities you can do that show initiative are starting your own art club, or pursuing your own art projects.

I would recommend documenting your work via a blog, YouTube series, or online portfolio so that there is a comprehensive record of it somewhere. I'd also look up the requirements for art portfolios at your prospective schools so you can start preparing in advance. Some colleges also have specific portfolio requirements, such as needing a range of mediums, genres, or by having their prompt around a specific word or feeling that they really want to see. I'd experiment in these areas to optimize your application, but also remember that your art is for you and colleges will also love to see that you're passionate about what you're doing.

Hope this helps!

4 months ago

Starting clubs, building portfolios, entering local competitions. OOH and maybe volunteering at local galleries, maybe even hosting a local gallery as a fundraiser to raise money to get art supplies to those who need them

4 months ago

You should definitely join the student council if you can. You can look for art fairs to participate in, or online contests. Take any art classes you can for ECs, and perhaps join or start an art club in your school. Good luck, hope this helps!


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