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Will I get any confirmation letter from community college when I got enrolled in it?

I recently applied in a community college. I got all the process for applying in that college done. Will I get any acceptance letter from a community college or only Universities give the acceptance letter. I have been told to take classes so I think that they have approved me to get enrolled in that college but I didn't get any acceptance letter. If required I can also tell the name of the community college I applied to.


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2 years ago

Yes, You should be getting an acceptance letter both online and physical through the mail. The mail services might take time depending on your location and the level of the pandemic. If you are sceptical about it, write them an email or talk to them. The colleges appreciate your concerns. Do keep in mind that the emails might take Time to get answered as well.

2 years ago

You should get an acceptance letter. From my experience, I was Dual Enrollment, you should get the physical letter that will have your Student ID and email.

2 years ago

Yes, you should get an email.

Looks something like this:

"Las Positas College Admissions Application

Dear Las Positas College Applicant:

Congratulations! On behalf of the faculty, classified professionals, and administrators, we are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to Las Positas College to begin your studies.

Your acceptance to Las Positas College is an open door to a new and exciting education and future. We are looking forward to you joining our dynamic and diverse student body to pursue your academic and career goals.

This admission acceptance email contains additional information designed to help you start off strong at Las Positas College. The first thing you will need is your Student Identification Number (W-ID number).

Your student ID ("W") number is [REDACTED].

All future college communications will be sent through the Las Positas College student e-mail system known as "Zonemail." Please go to http://www.laspositascollege.edu/ZoneInfo/index.php for instructions on setting up your Las Positas College e-mail account.

What's next? Please complete all the steps listed at: http://www.laspositascollege.edu/admissions/new_students.php These steps will help you prepare for your journey and are essential to your success in college.

We strongly encourage you to visit our homepage at www.laspositascollege.edu to review the Las Positas College catalog, class schedule, and begin to explore the many academic programs and student support services we have to offer.

We hope your experience at Las Positas College is a rewarding one and we wish you much success.


Las Positas College

Admissions and Records Office¨"


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