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Do I need to take accelerated science classes to get admitted to top business/finance schools?

I'm planning on taking physics, forensic science, biology and chem. I have a 3.9 GPA and I'm class of 2024. I'm also planning on taking college Marketing Concepts and Spanish 3 & 4 and 8 APs (Calc AB+BC, Lang, Gov, Macro and Micro, Psych and Spanish.)

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It doesn't hurt to take the most challenging APs and honors possible because at top business schools like Wharton the admission rate is lower than the rest of the school. I'm guessing about 4%. I would swap out Marketing Concepts for something more rigorous like AP Statistics. I don't know what forensic science is going to do for you. I'd rather see some online college courses related to business.

Wharton and the like expects admits to having strong entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Therefore aim to be various President of clubs like the Finance Club, Investment Club, FBLA, do community service like serve on Boards that make financial decisions like the City Finance and Budget Committee. Start your own company. Write about business. Besides grades and test scores, top business schools expect much from their admits.

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