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How to get into Amherst College as an international?

I am an international student, currently in my senior year. I plan to apply to Amherst for Early Decision (ED). However the requirements are quite unclear on different websites. How is the general profile of admitted students/int'l students? Do I have an advantage if I apply ED?

My academics are quite good, though seemingly insufficient for Amherst; and a 1380 on SAT. I also have plenty of extracurriculars, though no standout as such.


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Nobody can tell you how to get into Amherst College because there is no 'code' to get into top colleges. ED will help ONLY if you're a competitive applicant already i.e. you have decent ECs that stand out, superb essays, and good academics and awards.

A 1380 SAT is on the lower end for Amherst College, especially as an international student. Amherst has historically put emphasis on test scores so I would advise you just to apply as test-optional i.e. don't submit your SAT score.

To be competitive, your HS transcripts should have mostly A's or A+'s with a few A-'s and maybe one or two B's. (In short, superb academics).

ECs are a unique aspect of an applicant so I'll just advise you to truthfully write what you've done till now and hope for the best. Honestly, if your ECs are truly not very outstanding, you'll have a hard time getting into Amhesrt.

Since most of these factors are not something you can control now, I will just advise you to write a superb essay. They put a lot of emphasis on essays.


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