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FREE peer essay review has been upgraded and replaced with Pay for Essay Review

This is a public service announcement. I have been telling CV members to use the Free Peer Essay Review over the past month and I just realized it may be a thing of the past.

I see only 2 options now. A $20 basic review and a $60 more in-depth review.

I don't know who the experts are they are referring to, however, the turnaround is fast within 48 hours.


I don't know if CollegeVine will bring back the peer essay review or not. I am interested in what College Vine members can do with the Karma they collect besides asking for experts to answer their questions for 20 Karma.

I am happy to pay $60 for an in depth essay review by an expert.
I am happy to pay $20 for a basic essay review by an expert
I feel the both options are outside of my budget
I hope CV brings back a FREE or KARMA OPTION
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How can the Essays (when a huge chunk of students use the paid essay review services) bring about a true actual reflection of a student??? I personally feel that college admissions should scrap all the essay writing. Instead, the colleges should ask for a copy of an in class written teacher graded essay from high school or just look in to the SAT essays!! Atleast those are guaranteed written by the student themselves and not by a paid expert.

a month ago

Getting editing help (paid or free) on an essay does not detract from the true reflection of a student's writing. For most high school essays, I get editing help from my friends, sisters, and parents. In college, most of the essays you would write you could get editing help on (and I would even suggest it). Also, I think essays written during high school would be the LEAST likely to be written by the student (because they would care about the consequences of plagiarism less on those assignments). In addition, colleges want to know specific things about students, not about students' ability to write a history paper or within a set amount of time for the SAT.

🎤a month ago[edited]

Some colleges like Princeton actually require you to upload a graded paper as part of their application process. And now Harvard has added this year this one sentence that supports what Princeton is saying. "Frequent practice in the writing of expository prose".

Therefore the best thing you can do is improve your essays as a high school student is to take the most challenging English classes always. Writing well is an invaluable skill that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind that application readers at all the best colleges have their "BS radar" on all the time. So if an applicant's sample paper, personal essay, short essays, and short answers look like they were written by 2 or more different hands, their application is chucked in the waste bin. Some of these admissions officers have read 10 to 50 thousand essays over their careers so they can tell immediately if something smells suspicious or not.

The other thing I would heavily disagree with is that a "paid" essay is not necessarily a better essay. People who charge $100 to $1000 for a professional essay do it for 2 reasons only. 1.) to get paid, 2.) to make the customer happy. They actually have no effing clue what the admissions officer at William is looking for in their Class of 2026. They are only writing what the client tells them to do. They take no responsibility for the outcome if it's a bomb but gain all the future accolades if the client thinks their essay was instrumental in their success. This means it's actually very risky to hire one of these people.

If you apply to Brown with a paid essay and then submit a 2-minute video of yourself advocating for a place in the class and it turns out that your vocabulary and sentence structure and personal expression don't match what you wrote in your essay, you actually just eff'd yourself.

There will always be people l who cheat and take shortcuts in life. I wouldn't worry about them nor the people who actually defend them. They are the really sad people in society.


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Hey, this is Tim, one of the Product Managers at CollegeVine!

Actually, our free peer essay review product is still around. You can access it here https://www.collegevine.com/essays/review or in the menu navigation under “Apps.” We’re currently redesigning our menu navigation to make things clearer.

The reason we started offering a Paid Essay Review option is because we regularly received messages from students and parents asking for a “professional” paid option. Therefore, we’ve brought on experts like Ethan Sawyer (College Essay Guy) who have years of experience reviewing essays as a full time job. We’re going to be adding more experts over time.

Our mission is to make CollegeVine accessible and free for every student, so we currently don’t see ourselves ever removing our free Peer Essay Review. It’s an amazing feature that our community has brought to life over the years. The recent addition of experts merely gives families more options to choose from so that they can receive the level of support they personally desire in the college process.

🎤a month ago[edited]

Thanks very much, Tim for the explanation, and glad for some CV members there is still the Peer Option.

Nevertheless from the Top Menu "Essay Review" option, if you click on that, one only gets the Pay per Option Landing page which doesn't have a link to the Peer Review.


🎤a month ago

I personally don't have any issue with this new feature. My intent for discussion is that the menu is indeed buggy and there hasn't been a good announcement with regards to this upgrade feature. I see the free option exists but not easily accessible.


🎤a month ago

It's clear that 93% of respondents prefer a free one so I hope the programmers can put that option back under the Essay Review tab on the main menu. (sorry for any previous confusion, it just looked like it disappeared for good, most people would never look for it under Apps).


a month ago

I can't afford to pay 60 bucks to get my essay reviewed. Glad Karma peer reviewing is still around


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