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So recently I submitted one of my college applications and last night I received an email from that college to set up most my student accounts (email, canvas, etc.), but I haven't officially been accepted that I know of. Is that a normal thing for colleges to do?

@Jbean063 months ago

That's probably something to research specifically for that college. I don't know of any colleges that do that.

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3 months ago[edited]

It's completely normal for you to set up your accounts. First of all, all or most colleges notify whether you are going to be accepted or not through their private portal. So you won't be available to view the status of your application or whether you get admitted without setting up an account with the college. If you are missing a piece of your application, that is how a college will communicate with you as well. For instance, if you high school transcript doesn't get sent to the college, they will let you know through the portal.

So if you apply to 10 or 15 schools, you are going to have to set up 10 or 15 college accounts to see if you get accepted.

Just watch a couple of college decision videos on youtube. Everyone has to log into a college's private portal to get a "status update". Once logged into say University of Arizona's portal, you click on the "status update" to see if you got accepted, waitlisted, or rejected.

Good Luck.

3 months ago

I would maybe check your status on your application and if you haven't heard anything get in contact with your admissions counselor.


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