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pre-med ranking

What metrics were used to rank the schools (pre-med programs)? Were all metrics weighed equally? Where can I find these metrics for my schools of interest? Can you share these metrics and their sources (in case I want to weigh one more than the other)? Thank you

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4 months ago

Hi! The rankings are based off of 4 key pre-application metrics: GPA, MCAT prep, patient care experience and research experience. We don't share the specific weight of each of our metrics, but hopefully knowing these are our metrics, will be helpful for you!

4 months ago

Hi, what is your question referring to? Are you asking about something you saw on this website on a chart or specific article or videos a College Vine expert talked about?

I personally have never seen a pre-med program ranking on CollegeVine. I do know that other sites like USNews & World report and Niche do a pre-med ranking. But CV is not a ranking service so I've never seen a ranking list of any colleges on here.

Please clarify what you are asking by pointing to a specific area of this website.

Thank you.


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