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What classes should I take in order to become an architect?

All ninth grade students are required to take the following courses:

• English (1 Credit)

• History (1 Credit)

• Mathematics (1 Credit)

• Science (1 Credit)

• Physical Education & Health (1/2 credit)

The remaining 2 ½ credits will be selected from the full credit and half credit courses.

Please indicate your choice, for electives, in order of preference. Include 3 full credits and 3 half credit electives.


Art 1 Art Foundations ½

Automotive Technology I Asian Art

Band Astronomy

Chorus Basic House Wiring

College Accounting Cars, Homes, and Loans

College Business Ceramics I

Computer Animation I Child Development I or II

CP French I Computer Toolbox

CP French II Computers in Management

CP Portuguese I CPR, AED, Community First Aid & Safety

CP Spanish I Current Events

CP Spanish II Drama Workshop

Criminal Justice Economics

Design I Fashion Construction I

Entrepreneurship-Shark Tank Film Studies

Fabrication Technologies Food and Nutrition I

Finance Graphic Design

Honors French II IDEA Lab

Honors Spanish I International Business I

Honors Spanish II Literature and Philosophy

Introduction to Business Medical Careers & Personal Wellness

Introduction to Journalism Multi-genre Writing

Legal Studies Multimedia Productions

Mandarin Chinese I Music Appreciation

Marketing & Social Media Pop Culture & Literary Theory

Structure Design Public Speaking


Science Fiction and Fantasy as Literature

Small Engine Technology

Spanish for Business

Spanish for Healthcare

Sports Marketing

Textile Arts

Visual Journaling

Warmongers and Peacemakers

Woodworking Technologies 1/2

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Also, I already choose my classes a while ago. Is it possible if I can change?

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4 years ago

I have no idea if it's possible for you to change your courses now—that would be up to your high school. Ask your guidance counselor about that if you can.

Architecture is a heavily specialized and interdisciplinary major, and much of it is a combination of art-related fields and engineering-related fields (which means that, to get into strong architecture programs, you need to be strong in both). Unlike most majors, colleges are going to look for a very specific skillset from people applying into architecture programs, so generally useful advice you find elsewhere might not apply perfectly to your situation.

From that, the courses here that make the most sense (if I'm reading your list right) are: Art / Art Foundations, Computer Animation, Structure Design, and/or Woodworking Technologies 1/2. All of those would be useful to you as a potential architect, but if I were to rank them, it would probably look like 1) Structure Design, 2) Computer Animation, 3) Art, 4) Woodworking.

4 years ago

Usally if you should be able to change it before summer starts but if all of these are pairs and must be taken together Id recommend "Structure Design Public Speaking" first and foremost. Then ask yourself do you live/want to live in a Hispanic area then decide if a Spanish/International Buisness course is necessary. Also look at your favorite colleges and see if they require additional requirements like for high school graduation you need 3 years of math but your college requires 4 and factor that in

then in order but think about what you want. Like I love history but I want to go into engineering

Finance Graphic Design

Design I Fashion Construction I

CP French I Computer Toolbox

Legal Studies Multimedia Productions

Introduction to Business Medical Careers & Personal Wellness

Marketing & Social Media Pop Culture & Literary Theory

These are my recommendations but I don't know a whole lot about your situation so tailor it to what you want.

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