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My high school, which is rural, never offered AP/IB Classes and the hardest classes they offered were college classes(English 101,102, 105, and Pre-Calc) for Juniors/Seniors. Does this still have a great effect on my chances if I still took all of them?

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Colleges look at what you took based on what was offered at your school. Look specifically for schools that state this, and they will admire your commitment in whatever way you were able to show it. They can't hold something against you if you can't control it.

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3 months ago

Not taking AP/IB classes doesn't affect your chances of admissions. It depends on the difficulty of the classes at your own school, so don't worry about taking AP/IB classes if they're not available for you. I was worried about the same thing when I was a Junior but quickly realized it when our advisor told us it was nothing to worry about since it was out of our control.

3 months ago

Absolutely. AP classes at their core are really just college classes. I'd suggest taking whatever you can without negatively impacting your grades. Colleges will look and see if you have taken college courses as well as AP/IB classes. Good luck, hope this helps!


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