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what is binding and non-binding admission and restricted early action?

I really get confused between these two words. what exactly is binding and non-binding admission restricted early action? And if I apply to colleges in early action then can I apply to every college that I listed down or else need to apply in just one college.


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3 years ago

Binding- you have to go if you get in

Non binding- you have the option to go if you get in, but you don't have to

Early action- like regular decision but you get your admission or rejection earlier

Early decision- binding (if you get in you have to go)

Restrictive early action- you can apply early action to ONE private college and as many public colleges as you want. You do not have to go to the college, it's non binding

3 years ago[edited]

BINDING admissions means if a college accepts you under your Early Decision agreement then you are morally obligated to attend the college. For some who lack financial strength applying to ED is sometimes more complicated and risky because if you apply ED, you may not receive the financial aid package you were expecting based on your preliminary research on the Net Price Calculations for the school. For instance, let's say a school sticker prices out at $80,000 but your NPC results show $20,000. You apply ED and find out that your package is $40,000 so you are on the hook for $40,000 per year, not $20,000. In this situation, you can appeal for more aid. You may or may not get it. You have no leverage because you didn't get accepted anywhere else so you don't have a competing offer. They may or may not let you out of your ED agreement but the onus is you to make your case.

NON-BINDING admissions only apply to Early Action and Restricted Early Action. Restricted or Single Choice Restricted means you have to check with the college to see what other schools you are permitted to apply to concurrently. In most cases, you will not be allowed to apply to other Private Colleges. They may permit you to apply to Public State colleges or US military academies like Westpoint. Even if you get accepted under EA, REA, SCREA, you can opt not to attend.

There is no such thing as binding restricted early action because anything "early action" implies it is not binding.

Hope that clarifies this for you and other CV readers. Good luck.

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