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Hello, I am international student from Nigeria. While filling the CSS Profile, I was asked to submit a W-2 form. I downloaded one from the U.S. IRS website. Is I that the one I'm meant to fill? My country does not have an W-2 form like the one I saw so I was wondering if I am meant to fill a US W-2 form for the CSS and IDOC profiles.


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3 years ago

Only those who pay taxes in the US, specifically anyone of working age who has a social security number, who holds a job working for a company would get a W-2 form. The W-2 form is a document that shows the US Internal Revenue service (our tax authority), what company you worked for ( as indicated by the Employer Name and EID Employer ID number and their TAX ID number). The W-2 would show how much you were paid during a tax year such as 2020, how much tax was already taken out of your paycheck both for Federal Tax and State Tax, how much you paid for Medicare/Medicaid, and how much you paid for Social Security benefits.

If you do not work for a US company or a subsidiary of a foreign company that pays taxes in the US, you will not be issued a W-2 form. You can not create your own W-2 forms unless you are a US company or a US subsidiary of a foreign company.

To satisfy the CSS profile, you will need to read the instructions carefully and figure out what kind of documentation they wish you and your parents provide in order to properly fill out the paperwork online. Asking CollegeVine students is not the right forum to get the answers you are looking for.

Therefore go log into CollegeBoard and look up the instructions on the CSS profile part of the site or contact the help desk directly.

Good luck.

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