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I'm study in a CBSE based school , and to apply to some of the selective schools its obvious that we should have rigid courses work , AP , IB classes , and Honor classes . But as I said my school is CBSE based , so my question is that will they accept the student who have taken the AP. classes through Khan Academy . Is it any helpful or should I go with any other alternative. And what alternative should I choose ,if needed.


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3 months ago

I answered your other question in detail so you can glean from that long answer and figure out your next steps.

It's always best to be able to take a real in-class AP course versus self-studying it online and taking the exam. Many admissions officers will not weigh the self-study path as having the same amount of worth as sitting in class for a year and doing AP Calculus problem sets for homework, taking quizzes, and a mid-term and final exam. Nevertheless, it's better than nothing. So someone American student with 10 in-class AP courses will always look better than the student who self-studies 10 AP classes. Putting in the hours means a lot to some admissions officers.

The alternative would be to take online college courses and that would be both challenging and show course rigor effectively. There are many self-paced courses you can take which means you don't have to adhere to lectures given in the 3 US Time Zones.

Good Luck

3 months ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! I echo a lot of what @CameronBameron has said. Taking AP classes independently versus in a classroom setting are two completely different things, given that in-class you have exams, quizzes, projects that supplement your learning. This adds value to the AP coursework for admissions officers and can help differentiate your performance from other students. Self-studying can definitely catch the eye of admissions officers, but doing so won't add much weight to your overall academic course load. Instead, I would aim to take self-study APs in your area of interest and show that you are pursuing learning as an extracurricular instead.


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