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Can international student with different curriculum get into US universities ?

Hello, I'm an international student who comes from Indonesia. I come from a private school with a national curriculum in my country which has a lot of difference with the US curriculum, so I don't have any AP/IB classes which kinda makes me difficult to get into my dream university in the US. Is it still possible to get there ? Can I get some suggestions or thought about this ? I'm struggling because I think the acceptance rate to my dream university is very low and I want to enhance that possibilty. Thank you very much for your help.


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4 months ago

Yes, it is certainly possible, but there are a few things you have to do. First of all, AP classes do not solely determine your chance of admission. Having a high GPA can offset not having AP/IB classes. You need to stay diligent and determined in your classwork and get your GPA as high as you can. Another thing you can do is take the ACT or the SAT. If you aren't in your senior year, take it anyway. It's best to take one or both every year you can. Also, try to enroll in a few college courses at a comm-college. AP classes are basically college courses given to high schoolers. Get some ECs under your belt as well. Good luck, hope this helps!


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