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I am using the coalition application. How should my teacher submit my mid year and first year reports? Should I download and fill the common app mid year report and submit it on coalition alongside my transcript? My counselor insists there be a form but there is no for on coalition app for school reports


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2 months ago

Hi there @Meggy!

I did some digging on the Coalition website and it turns out all of the necessary steps start with your Locker.

Your Coalition Locker is a storage space for documents, and the way you request these items is by tapping the Request button for the documents you still need. You then input your counselor's contact information so that they can upload the relevant documents.

The cool thing is that whether or not they have a Coalition account, the application will still reach out to them, either inviting them to create an account or telling them to upload the relevant documents. Under official documents, you'll be able to see the status of the request and if the document has been uploaded.

You can get a detailed breakdown with pictures on the Coalition site here: https://www.mycoalition.help/hc/en-us/articles/223175668-How-do-I-request-transcripts-and-other-official-documents

Hope this helps!


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