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Grades and scores for an international student


Schools on my country have been closed for the past 18 months, and our final exams have all been indefinitely postponed, and we have not had any kind of official test for 18 months, so I have absolutely no grades to offer for 12th and 13th grades. I was hoping my SAT score would compensate , but I just heard that my SAT centre has been closed. So what can I do to increase my chances of getting into a good college?



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27 days ago

I am very sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstances which have befallen you of late. In answer to your question, there are a couple of things you could do. You can self-study AP courses online, and thereby have a grade for an AP class. You can look for a community college near you and take classes there. Because your school is closed, you will have time to join or start a volunteer organization and get community service hours. You can do other EC activities in your free time. There really isn't anything you can do as far as the SAT, but you could search for a place near you offering the ACT. Good luck, hope this helps!

28 days ago

I'm sorry to hear about the grave situation in your country and for your peers. That's disappointing, to say the least.

The bad news is that without grades and test scores, it's very difficult for admissions officers to differentiate you from the pile of other students without grades and test scores. Academics are the very most important factor in college admissions, and with gaping holes in your academic record and transcripts and no test scores, it's unlikely they will make an educated guess and give you a spot over someone with a complete application with excellent grades and test scores.

The good news is that time is on your side, and there is no written rule that you have to complete your 4-year college education by the time you are 21 or 22. You can complete when the time is right for you both to get into the college of your choosing and with an application, you can be proud of.

I don't know the personal details of why your school has had no grades for 2 years but you should speak to some college students who are attending US colleges to find out if they can help you navigate through the process. I'm at a complete loss for words to how to advise you to go forward.

Wishing you the best in the future.

28 days ago

Write a good essay about the problems you are facing and do more ECs.


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