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Can I submit my apps without recommendations

I have currently filled out my entire apps for a few colleges however they require letters of recommendation. I've already added the people I want to write them but the counselors at my school won't be starting them for another week, plus time to write it would be another 2 weeks till I get it. It would still be before my app deadline but would it be possible to submit the apps without the letters and have them added later?

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2 years ago[edited]

You can submit your application anytime as long as you have pre-selected your recommenders. You will never see the recommendation in person nor be able to read them anyway. CommonApp or CoalitionApp process the recommendation requests with your school office and high school counselor that has to submit your transcripts.

The only cautionary flag I'll put out there is that if all your recommenders don't respond and don't submit, then you'll have to get new recommenders. I'm not sure how you do that on Common App or Coalition App after you hit the submit button.

You might want to wait until you get verbal confirmation or text/email from your teachers that they completed it.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Although as per the previous answer, there are ways to circumvent not having your recommendations finalized yet, unless a college has rolling admissions there is very little to no advantage at all to submitting applications long before the deadline. In addition to recommendations, it prevents you from having a chance to last-minute correct your essays, add extra activities to your brag sheet, etc. That little typo or extracurricular that you might fix/add in those extra days of waiting for your recommendations can make a huge difference!

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