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International Student - what qualifies for coursework?

I am a 12th grade student studying in India. We do not follow credits system here. We also do not have AP and Honors in my school. Will the subjects we study as part of our curriculum be considered towards coursework? If not how to improve this to enhance admission chances?

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2 years ago

colleges will usually try to adapt their admissions criteria to reflect the high school you go to and what they offer, but obviously there are limits to that. you'll still need to hit a college's minimum requirements, which will usually be 4 years of mathematics, science, social studies (usually history but also things like psychology, sociology, etc.), and language/literature. as an international student you will probably have to take the TOEFL to demonstrate English proficiency. i would look through the requirements of any school that you're interested in applying to and make sure your courses match up with the subjects that they require.

for admissions chances, if your school does offer any kind of leveling (i.e. some courses are harder than others), just make sure you take the harder courses, as much as you can handle based on your workload and time.


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