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What kind of activities for students belonging from rural places not exposed to abundant opportunities count as Tier 1?

I have been involved with a Non Profit organisation since the last two years and solely handle the department of Research & Development from scratch and its the first organisation in my state working for the upliftment of Human Resource sector and Student development of an entire region comprising of 7 states. So far, we have influenced 6000+ students across the 7 states, and recently got recognition from the government and became a registered organisation. So, will this activity count as tier 1?

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2 months ago

Hi there,

Tier one activities for community service need to have a high-profile status. Because you have had a large reach and received government recognition, this may fit into the top tier. To ensure you have a top-tier activity, you can reach out to local news sources to gain coverage or look into expanding your reach further.

Either way, this is a solid extracurricular and you seem to have started a well-thought-out and far-reaching non-profit. If applicable, I would write about your experiences building or participating in the non-profit as a compelling essay.

Hope this helps!

2 months ago

If you are talking about CV's extracurricular activity tracker for your profile, then I would put it in as tier 1c, as you have attracted far more than 1,000 participants but were not the sole founder. Good luck, hope this helps.


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