2 years ago
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Any volunteering ideas or clubs (summer programs) that I can be during this quarantine?

I have nothing to do during this time and I am in 9th grade. Please help me improve my extra-curricular.


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2 years ago

Volunteering: You can make masks to donate at a local hospital, call or write letters to people at assisted living homes, and deliver groceries to people at high risk for COVID-19. You can also try virtual volunteering in places such as volunteermatch.com, scistarter.org, and more. I personally like the Smithsonian transcriber volunpeer program where you can transcribe historical documents into a more accessible database to be more available to the general public and the Stall Catcher program where you can assist in the research for a cure for Alzheimers by identifying blockages in vessels.

Programs: There are plenty of online camps that depend on your area of interest--if you are interested in public speaking, there are speech and debate camps such as the Harvard Congressional debate camp, there are STEM camps, etc.


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