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Is there any possible way I could take AP courses in India? Plus, am I eligible for the Nat. Merit Schlr. from India?

Hello! I am a recent graduate from junior high, based out of Bangalore, India. I study in a non-IB school, where credit scores, AP classes, honours courses, and clubs are virtually non-existent. In regards to this, I wanted to ask a series of questions:

1. Is there any tangible way in which I could participate in AP classes and honours courses in India?

2. Since clubs do not exist in my school, is there any way I could participate in external cubs where I could hold student leadership positions?

3. As an Indian citizen and a non-resident of the USA, will I be eligible to qualify for the National Merit scholarship if I take the PSAT or NMQSAT?

4. Additionally, right out of junior high, my stats currently consist of this: I have attended over 10 MUN conferences, I play the Piano, certified by the Trinity board of music ( Grade 3 as of now). I hold a student leadership position in the prefectorial council of my school, I have self-learnt 1 programming language as of yet. I have an IEO Olympiad school level gold under my belt, as well as one from the IGKO. I have also signed up for community service for the 'Habitat for Humanity organization' for next summer (2021). I have, as of now, a 4.0 GPA (94% in exams). I plan to expand and improve on this lift by the time I am a senior, but, as of now, I would be perpetually grateful if anyone could provide inputs on as to how I can improve my ECs.

Thank you!

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2 years ago

1. I think you can take AP tests there but you'll have to self-study.

2. You have to make your own clubs or find groups to lead, I don't really understand this question.

3. No, only USA residents are eligible.

4. Try to find something that makes you stand out from the thousands of other applicants from India. Unfortunately, right now, I don't think you do. It's hard though.


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