3 months ago
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Any good scholarships?

Hi, I am looking for scholarships with the following qualities.


- Black students

- Business/ Entrepreneurship

- STEM (preferably, biology related)

- Poems/ Creative writing

Let me know if you know of any! Thanks:)

@briannamarie3 months ago

Hi! There's a website called Bold.org that has some great scholarship opportunities in the categories you listed. What grade are you in? I'm a junior in high school and haven't found very many creative writing scholarships that I'm eligible for this year. There are a ton for seniors though!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@laurenamanii3 months ago

I have been on Bold.org but I notice the scholarships are Major baseed. I am senior in high school. If you're interested in creative writing, tying the Bennington College scholarship! You can find it here: https://www.bennington.edu/events/young-writers-awards

@briannamarie3 months ago

I have noticed that there are some major based scholarships, but I've found a few that are for high schoolers. I will definitely check out the Bennington College scholarship. Thank you for introducing it to me!

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3 months ago

Hi there @laurenamanii,

When looking for scholarships, you have the right idea in searching for specific scholarships based on your identities and interests rather than ones with generic applicant pools (e.g. raffle drawings).

You should also look out for ones with writing submissions if you are interested in poems and creative writing, as crafting a well-thought-out piece can go a long way in increasing your chances.

Also, we have a few resources on our blog that you can check out about applying to scholarships!



Here's a link to the Guidance section we have on scholarships - you should look for relevant articles and use these as a jumping off point in your journey!


Hope this helps!


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