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Can I submit old ACT or SAT scores to schools that I didn't originally mark to send?

If I took the ACT last year but didn't submit my scores to the schools that I'm interested in this year, am I still able to submit those scores?

Also, how does super-scoring work? Will schools automatically super score or do I need to only submit my best scores?

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4 months ago[edited]

Yes. This is how you do it.

Log in with your sign-in information to ACT.org. On the top menu select SCORES and you'll be re-directed to the SCORE page.

On scores you will each and every ACT test you've taken. Since last year, ACT.org now super scores for you automatically and offers that super-score composite as a sending option. Recall that a super-score is the highest of the 4 individual test sections mix and matched into a new super-score composite.

Therefore if you took the ACT more than once, you will see the super-score option as your first option. Then in descending order the previous tests you took.

You may simply send the super-score to your list of colleges instead of the 2 or more individual tests.

The really nice feature is that if you only took the optional "ESSAY" section once and not each time you took the test, it will still be auto-added into the super-score. For example, I got an 11/12 on the first ACT test I took and didn't want to take it again in subsequent sittings but when I select my super-score, it's still there even though I didn't sign up or take the optional Essay section when I retook the exam.

Good luck.

4 months ago

First of all, you can submit an old ACT score with your application. Although I would recommend retaking the ACT to try to get a better score and so that you can super-score (more on that in a minute), you don't have to do that. The way super-scoring works for the ACT is if you take it three times and get three different composite scores made up of your math, English, reading, and science scores, then you would take your highest score from each section and make a whole new score from the best of each part. And for the SAT it is similar, only you submit all your composite scores from each date you took the test, and the college itself does the super-score. Although not all colleges super-score the SAT, so that is something to research specifically per college. Good luck, hope this helps.


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