2 years ago
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What are good extracurriculars for high school students pursuing a secondary education major?

I am pursuing a major in secondary education, but want to get extracurriculars that correspond with my major so I have a better extracurricular profile. What are some good extracurriculars for secondary education anticipated major candidates?


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2 years ago

I would suggest become a tutor, but if you want an extracurricular that REALLY stands out then I would suggest that you ask local middle schools if they would allow you to create an after school club or program that you could run by yourself or under adult supervision. (I only know that you can do this because my high school allows students to run after school clubs/programs at middle schools that do not offer a lot of after school clubs/programs.)

2 years ago

Volunteer at an after school program/tutoring and having some sort of leadership in something which you have a passion for. Also debate helps with everything like listening to others articulating among other skills.


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