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Which Standardize Test Scores send to college


I am confused which standardized test score sent to below colleges:

1. Yale University - Applying Regular Decision

2. University of Pennsylvania - Applying Early Decision

3. Johns Hopkins University - Applying Regular Decision

4. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Applying Early Action

5. Michigan State University, Lansing - Applying Early Action

My SAT Score: 1510 (2nd Attempt)

Math: 780

English&Reading: 730

My ACT Score: 34 ( 1 Attempt)

Math: 32

Science: 34

English: 34

Reading: 36

Appreciate your help.

Thank You.

Kind Regards


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Accepted Answer
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Definitely send both SAT and ACT. They are both equivalent scores which shows that you are at least consistent on different testing formats.

The 780 SAT Math makes up for the 32 ACT math

The 36 Reading and 34 English are better than the 730 SAT

So if they are clever, they will cross-reference each test and give you the benefit of the doubt that you are both excellent at MATH and READING AND ENGLISH.

You actually need both scores to see that. It would be worse if you had to choose which one to send. It's better for you to send in both.

Good luck.

a month ago

Although the exact method of evaluation college admissions committees use when evaluating standardized test scores is still a bit opaque, I would start by comparing your scores to the scores within the 'Middle 50% range' provided by each college/university they are considering -- it is a good guideline for examining how your scores stack up relative to previously-accepted students. These statistics should be available on the admissions websites for each school you are considering; the CollegeVine website also contains this information.

However, I also agree with the answer provided by @CameronBameron. If you submit both scores, due to the fact that the college admissions committees are made up of real people, there is a good chance they will 'cross-reference' the scores you provide for both the SAT and the ACT -- between the scores you have indicated for both these tests, it is clear that you are competent in the major subject and skill areas being tested, and colleges/universities will surely notice this.

Also, it's important to note that, as your scores get higher and higher, you will experience diminishing marginal returns in terms of performance -- that is to say, when your scores are consistently on the higher side, they become proportionately more impacted by that 'one question that stumped you' or you 'just having an off day'. College admissions officers are aware of this phenomenon as well. And with scores like yours, it is clear you are competent at taking standardized tests.

I hope this is helpful, and best of luck -- you got this!


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