3 years ago
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I didnt take an AP exam despite taking the class. How will it effect me?

I have taken, so far, 10 AP Classes (6 more on the way), but only 9 tests. I skimped out on my AP stat test since my teacher did a really horrible job on the review, and covid made it so that I barely got any real learning. On my other tests I did pretty well. I have 7 5's 1-4 and 1-3. How will this effect me applying to some top 20 to top 10 schools?

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3 years ago

Having a total of 16 AP courses on your application, 9 tests already taken with 7 (5s) plus the other future 6 AP tests, puts you in a unique position compared to 99.9% of other applicants. You are already exemplifying the epitome of course rigor any college in the world would expect from a High School student.

I have no doubt whatsoever that if you had just stopped at 10 APs, you would have been just fine.

If you are not going to be accepted by Top 20 colleges, it will not be because of your course rigor or AP test scores but something like talent, honors, awards, personal character, essays, recommendations, athletic ability, intellectual vitality/curiosity. Had I been your advisor a year ago, I would have evaluated your entire file and instructed you to focus on any potential weaknesses, rather than taking 6 more APs during your senior year. Then again, perhaps you have no weaknesses.

As a senior, you have 3 months to fix things like perhaps your SAT or ACT scores are not where you want them to be, or perhaps you need to tweak your leadership activities. This is the last opportunity to do that so I'd focus on that rather than those 6 additional APs.

You're one of the few people on here that will not benefit from me saying good luck, but rather don't take 20 seats away from the other kids in line.

3 years ago

Given that you have already taken 10 classes taught to the AP curriculum (going on 16), and have already completed 9 AP tests with seven scores of 5, you have clearly demonstrated your academic drive and competency -- you'll be just fine without the additional score. Especially if any of these scores are in the Calculus AB or Calculus BC exams, you will have already shown any admissions committee that you are more than capable of quantitative reasoning.

If you are very concerned, perhaps consider explaining in the 'Additional Information' section of your application the reasons behind why you did not choose to take the AP Statistics exam (poor review from your teacher, COVID impacting the classroom experience). But overall, I think even this isn't necessary -- you've clearly demonstrated that you are working hard and doing well.

I hope this is helpful, and good luck -- you've got this!

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