3 years ago
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I'm a Freshman in highschool. Would anyone know how to go about getting a internship at jobs or places

Hi im a freshman that just turned 15 and i was wondering if there are any internships or jobs that i should apply for so i can boost my Ec's


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3 years ago

Honestly, that is something to research specifically in your area. A few things to consider are:

a) your passions and interests

b) your talents (what are you good at?)

c) the pay (for a job).

Additionally, you can also join a volunteer organization to gain community service hours, pick up a musical instrument you are interested in and join your school band, or start doing an organized sport. If you like building model cars, then you can list that. Join your school chess club. There are various ways to boost your EC activity profile. Good luck, hope this helps.

3 years ago

Hi there @Huey,

It might be hard to find internships or jobs in high school as many have age requirements - however, you can definitely still look in your local area for businesses that are looking for volunteers.

Other things you can do are reaching out to non-profits in your area to start fundraising or donation projects. For example, you can make blankets for your local animal shelter, or set up a program with your local senior center.

If you're looking for work experience at a profitable company, you can reach out to your local businesses and ask them how you can help out for a summer or a few weeks. You can run the social media for a small donut shop, start a fundraiser by selling your local cafe's baked goods at school events, or shadow an employee to gain on-the-job insight.

Furthermore, tutoring is a great option for younger high school students. You can work at a learning center like Kumon or Mathnasium, or start your own private practice with younger students you know in elementary or middle school.

The job search is not easy, but hopefully this gave you a few pointers or ideas to get started. Best of luck!

3 years ago

I would check local museums and hospitals for internships. As for a job, where I live most businesses start hiring at 16+, however there are exceptions (so look for them!)

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