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Common App Activity Section; own initiative goes under Work (Paid)?

I am doing my Common App Activity Section and want to add a small business that I did as a junior. Specifically, I managed small businesses using my relationships. I used to promote sales and products, and get a proportion of costs for advertising. Also, I used to sell food and get >$50 a week. So any thoughts of what I can write in the Organization Name? And if it is a good idea to include this on my list? I play badminton & spend a lot of time on practicing, but my school does not do competitions and i didn't initiate a club in it.. so what Activity type can I put it under?

I would appreciate and suggestions!


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19 days ago

Hi there @LeenAlshibi,

As @Jbean06 said, you should definitely include your small business in your Activities section. As for the title, you should list the name you operated under or come up with a title that is concise but encapsulates your roles and duties. You should also include numbers around items sold or monetary gain (e.g. % commission) to provide colleges hard, factual statistics around your impact through this activity.

As for badminton, you should include it if you have a substantial time commitment and leadership experience around the sport. You can mention the number of hours you played weekly as well as any roles you played like organizing practices, scheduling tournaments, and coaching/mentoring other players.

Hope this helps!

21 days ago

Yes, absolutely include it. A small business is definitely something you should list. I don't understand if you are asking for an idea for a business name or how to list it, it sounds like you are asking what to write for your organization's name. For the type of business, you could list product promotion. For a name, you could just say, "(your first or last name) Marketing." Good luck, hope this helps.


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