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Undergrad business?

Any excellent undergraduate business administration colleges???


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3 months ago[edited]

I'm not sure what you are interested in majoring in so here is a ranking list of the best undergraduate business programs in the US.


If you are interested in Business related topics, you should sign up on Poets and Quants. There you can see more granular data on business schools. They have about 10-15 different ranking lists based on different criteria.


Just like any other major, excellent means different things to different applicants. If you are at the top of your class and test in the 99% percentile, perhaps you want to try Wharton at UPENN or Stern at NYU. But there are literally 50 great colleges where you can get an excellent education in business from CUNY Baruch College, Rutgers, Boston University, Babson College, Fordham Gabelli School, UNC, UVA, Cornell, CMU, UMichigan, Wash U.

Good luck.


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