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Advice on how to improve extracurriculars?

I'm currently participating in several clubs and sports, which I'll list below. I'm already pretty overwhelmed with these, but CollegeVine says that I should improve my extracurriculars to get into some of my top schools. Is there anything I could do at this point to either describe these better for colleges or to improve my standing?

Student Council - Served as the Student Council Financial Advisor and managed funds for large events and fundraisers, as well as assisted various committees to increase school spirit and community.

March For Our Lives - Served as the March For Our Lives Co-Policy Director in my chapter and planned events within the school and the community in order to help those in need and raise awareness for various political causes.

Global Scholars Program - Researched various global issues to gain cultural awareness and seek solutions to similar problems in my own community.

Lacrosse - Participated in Lacrosse as a school athlete.

Wrestling - Participated in Wrestling as a school athlete.

Olympic Lifting - Participated in Olympic Lifting training twice a week recreationally to improve skills for wrestling and lacrosse.

Thanks again.

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You have a good EC resume, but if you want to get into top tier schools, as you mentioned, then you need to:

a) have more academically related ECs

b) improve the strength of your existing leadership ECs by gaining a higher office

c) partake in competitions outside of your school for sports.

Additionally, if you were a varsity (11th & 12th) athlete, then you need to list that with the sport. Good luck, hope this helps.


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