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Hey!! So I have 3 academic teachers im looking at for rec letters rn. Im a junior, so i still have time to build up relationships, but i want to know where to focus my efforts most. Ive got plenty of ec rec letter prospects, i just need my academic ones. also, i want to major in sociology, then go to law school :))

here are my options:

- ap art history teacher who is also the advisor for the club i started. I have a pretty good relationship w/ her and i think she likes me, but my club has been struggling a bit and she's probably noticed lol. again, theres time to work on it, but that's where im at rn.

- ap us history teacher. I had him for ap world last year, so he knows i got a high a in the class and a 5 on the test. I have a pretty good relationship with him, and i go to his office hours a lot.

- ap lang. I don't know my teacher super well, but she's really nice and i plan to go to her office hours when we start doing essays for feedback. she writes a lot of rec letters because everyone goes to her. this is a pro and a con, because she knows how to write good letters, but also she'll be pretty swamped.

also, if anyone has advice on building good relationships with the teachers you want rec letters from, that would be great.

ap art history
ap us history
ap lang
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3 years ago

I said AP US History teacher because I thought I since you need a letter of rec from an academic teacher, US History is more academic than Art History? Idk if AP art is considered academic at my hs but if it is then I strongly encourage you to ask your AP Art teacher because they can see the passion you have and will easily be able to comment on your abilities as a leader and numerous instances that you were able to succeed, especially if you can lift your club back up. Good luck! -senior 2022


3 years ago

AP Art history teacher because she knows about your initiative and also your capabilities. She will put an even better word out there if you're able to lift your club.


3 years ago

I'd personally go with your APUSH teacher.


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