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Should I wait a year before applying?

Hi! I'm an international student. Schools in my country have been closed for 18 months, and our final exams indefinitely postponed. The situation does not look like it will get better any time soon. Because my A-level exam has been postponed, even if it is held in November, I will not have A-level results even by March 2022, and since I'm still a student, my school cannot give me a leaving certificate till I am done with my A-levels. Also, I was supposed to do the SAT in October, but this has been cancelled as well. Is it advisable to wait another year and apply next year for the 2023 cycle instead of applying this year, since I do not have SAT scores or any other grade 12/13 grades? I do want to apply this year if possible, since in my country, students are in school till 19, and if I wait another year, I will be 21 when I start college. I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you!


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3 months ago

I agree with @Jbean06 on this! It's also important to note that colleges will consider how you use this time, what you learned, whether you took time to sharpen or gain new skills. Gap years are common among students, especially since Covid, and schools understand that it's often a difficult decision for students to make. I'd encourage you to explore the option if you feel it would be beneficial to you as long as you have a plan and can show some areas of growth during that year!

3 months ago

There is no law that dictates when you have to graduate. I'd suggest waiting another year and perhaps taking classes at a community college. Then, you can take your SAT and final exam the following year. Also, you could get a job or an internship to additionally increase your chance of acceptance in 2023. Good luck, hope this helps.


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